Cleaning company "Apendiks" offers a wide range of services to maintain order in your home or office.

It is necessary to constantly and efficiently maintain cleanliness in an apartment, private house or office, because our health primarily depends on this. But given today's rhythm of life and the number of daily worries, not everyone has the time and opportunity. That is why more and more people and organizations are turning to cleaning companies for help.
The cleaning company "Apendiks" has been operating since 2018 and has extensive experience in cleaning and tidying, household assistance, can easily and efficiently perform work of any complexity, both in an apartment, and at home, and in an office space.
Clients highly appreciated our services - Apendiks took first place in the Clean Awards competition in the category of cleaning companies
Cleaning after the holiday
The holiday is over, and every hostess faces an unpleasant thing - cleaning up the consequences. While I do not want to postpone this moment, it will come sooner or later. It's time to arm yourself with detergents and clean up the mess. How to do it as efficiently as possible, spending less effort, we will tell in this article. The first thing to do is to collect all the garbage that you did not have time to take out. Start with good things like gift wrapping paper, broken crockery or gift boxes. After you have collected and packed all your trash, look around the room, sit down and rest for a few minutes.
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It would seem, why do we need general cleaning if we clean the house every week? We are constantly cleaning the house. And we wipe the corners, vacuum the carpets and put things in their places ... However, despite all our efforts, a significant amount of dust and debris accumulates in the apartment in six months. Studies by German scientists confirm: per 1 sq. m per day m floor in a residential area settles about 7.6 mg of dust; this amount is as much as 3 g per year! These figures are especially high in older houses.
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Cleaning during quarantine
During quarantine, we have already remembered the importance of washing hands. But what about cleaning and washing? Apendiks explains how to properly clean your home to keep it from spreading COVID-19. It is important to note that these guidelines were developed by the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention for homes with people with confirmed (or suspected) COVID-19. However, their advice will be useful to everyone. Cleaning is not a panacea, but it is necessary to do it
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Cleaning before the baby is born

The appearance of a baby at home is a very important and joyful event. However, this causes a lot of trouble for future parents. It is necessary to buy things that a woman in labor will need in the maternity hospital and in the first days of a child's life, decorate a children's room and, of course, do a general cleaning...

Cleaning after tenants

Real estate is still considered one of the most profitable investment options, because renting an apartment brings a good passive income, and the proceeds from the sale of an old apartment become the basis for a more attractive purchase. However, tenants and buyers often created...

Cleaning before opening a store, salon, cafe, etc.

Their owners have put their heart and soul into the renovation of new restaurants, cafes, beauty salons and shops. No less painstaking work on the construction of a new apartment building, shopping or office center and other buildings. Of course, a newly opened facility or a new apartment should...

Cleaning during quarantine

During quarantine, we have already remembered the importance of washing hands. But what about cleaning and washing? Clean House explains how to properly clean your home to keep it safe from the spread of COVID-19. It should be noted that these recommendations were developed in ...

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